To be held and touched.

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Now…I am starving.

I don't hug anymore, in fact, I am afraid of them. I secretly fantasize more about hugs and affection than I do of sex.

Skin hunger is a thing…

Light BDSM with my love for the first time

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I went shopping…

Cindie’s, am sure many of you know that store…We were curious, we had been fooling around with a blindfold for a bit, but it was clear we wanted more.
The communication between us…my lover and I is so open and clear…sigh.

I was the only woman in the store, but he was on call with me. Giggling with delight at everything I saw, I felt like a kid in Disneyland oblivious to the two men shopping and…staring, at this middle-aged brown woman picking up all this stuff.

  • Handcuffs
  • Blindfold
  • Flogger
  • Riding crop with feather
  • Naughty lingerie
  • Paraffin…

Here I cum, oh I mean the review comes.

Presenting cuddly bird and G-spa, Image from


I have always been an advocate. In fact, toys have been all I had for years…and years. So when asked me to review their fabulous products I was super pumped.
I would have never dreamt of this….I mean being asked to masturbate and then write about it, receive free products …all coz I started writing about my whacked, haywire, adulterous life on medium.

I never knew writing and living this life of adultery, sex and debauchery could have such hidden, discreet but extremely beneficial perks…So yes I said Yes…good ol’ horny me…obviously said yes.

Of my marriage and all my idealistic beliefs about it.

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I am she…This is just one more of my horrible memories, one that I had buried and forgotten. But it has been bothering me…

Our future is uncertain, and the inner conflict between love and logic gets deeper.

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My Lover makes plans. I do too. I want to…I want to dare to dream.

But this future we aspire for…

How do I see it? To be honest…I can’t.

My marriage is a roommate, co-parenting situation, I am in love with a man whose personal life situation is no better than mine.

To be fair to him, and I really, genuinely do appreciate it…he makes plans. He has plans, and he is working on them. It exhilarates me and makes me feel incredibly loved and cherished.

But….can I envision it?

No….atleast not yet.

Some would say I am too…

As he cums undone.

Photo by Ana Maria Moroz from Pexels

I had already had multiple orgasms….

There he was towering over me in all his raw, naked glory.
A vision…to be admired, revered…and loved.

Broad shoulders, strong arms, gripping my hips…the perfectly formed chest and that gorgeous hair on it as if created by an artist. The look on his face as he watched me orgasm, feeling me clench and pulse around his manhood…nothing matches that look in his eyes. …

What he does to me…

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Fingertips grazing across….

Running down my neck, sliding across the curve of my back traveling up the mounds leading to a crevice. A crevice where pleasure hides, dark, moist, and hidden.

Feather-like touch, gently parting those ample cheeks as his other hand strokes down the back of my thigh, drawing circles on the back of my knee.

His lips in my ear, as I breathe rapidly…my moans muffled by the pillow I bury my face in. Slight flicks of the tongue, light nibbles on the lobe…making me quiver as his fingers reach between my parted cheeks, probing.

Skilled fingers going…


Fifty Word Challenge #39: Moderation

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True love, Intense Love, Crazy Love…Forever Love
I dreamt of finding it …

What I learned instead… a lesson.
Forever love…doesn't exist.
It's a mirage…

Often used, a harbinger of pain…those golden words,

“I love you, but…”

Moderation In emotion isn't ideal but is advised.

Moderate Love…keeps it real.

Moderation…now that's a great prompt.
I couldn't help but think of moderate love. The preconceived distorted notion of romantic, forever love in my head when I was younger, kept me looking for that unattainable perfect relationship, (makes me laugh now). But life, being the greatest teacher of all brought me…

The mood in my marriage.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

It was my birthday last week.
I have never dreaded getting older…in fact, I think I am gaining more and more clarity about myself with each passing year. The clouds of idealism, romance, and the stupid notions of perfection fade and it becomes easier for me to accept the chaos that life is…instead of fighting it like I did when I was younger.

42 is a good age, my daughter is a teenager and she seemed more excited about my birthday than I was. My husband did the routine flowers, cake and the usual suspects were invited for dinner, the…

Exhilarating passionate fucking with my love

Photo by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

He was working on this house…putting in the last few installations. There was no one else in sight. I parked my car behind his truck and walked up the driveway. I could hear the whirring noise of his drill..

He had no idea I was gonna visit him here, and I was horny as fuck. Crazy horny…for him. Naughty dirty thoughts racing through my head.

I could see him crouching on the floor, fiddling with some boxes. I crept up behind him, making sure I closed the door behind…

Wistful writer

Romantic, reader, emotional fool, artist, life has taught me to let go, what I am isn’t what I chose to be, it's what life made me.

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