Here I am, once again…

Wistful writer
4 min readAug 17, 2022

Been gone for a while, but here’s what's been happening!

Photo by Valentina Stan on Unsplash

Life has been a bitch, a full-speed one at that! And as the pic above says, yes still pretty fucked up…

A bitch could mean many things, good and bad. But it’s been fast and hectic. I’ve been gone from here, but you guys kept reading. I am so surprised at the messages I got from people asking “how are you?”. Thank you so much, lovely readers.

Today I finally found it in me to take a pause and come on here to download all that has happened.

  • Career moves — I’ve been working on it, studying, upskilling, and networking. It’s a thankless relentless process where no one cares, and everyone wants you to do volunteer work coz you are a newbie. Sometimes it feels like a rock I am carrying and it keeps getting heavier every day…but guess what, my shoulders and back muscles keep getting stronger too!!

Why? Remember guys’ I wrote about it —

  • Married 🤔 ? life — A dead bedroom is a thing but in my marriage, it's just dead everything. Conversation itself is so scarce…it’s…



Wistful writer

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