My Day Is Divided Into Shifts

8 am — 2 pm is when it’s just about ME.

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5 min readFeb 15, 2022


Me time , free to explore
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8 am to 2 pm…This is the time I am only “me”.

Until 8 am I am mom, chauffeur, and more.
The neverending demands of my family don't stop when I drop my kid to school at 8 am, but I somehow switch into a more “me” mode once she is in school.

Maybe I should say “about me” mode not just “me” mode.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, you are probably shaking your head in agreement. Even working parents would agree.

It's a strange shift, a sense of relief almost. I know some people are probably judging me, thinking I don't love my child enough. But trust me, reader… it's not that… it's the need…the basic requirement to feel like an individual.

We could begin the neverending argument of why some people shouldn't have kids..blah blah. I hate to break it to everyone here…there is not one parent here who has felt this way at least once. And if they say they haven't…then they are the masters of hypocrisy.

I love my daughter, she is the sole purpose of my existence…I would be long gone if it weren't for her.
I am not here to stir this topic, so I am going to let it rest right here.

The 8–2 shift —

This is when I could be anything.

Some women choose to do their luncheons, their champagne brunches, and their salon visits. Good for them.
Deviants like me choose to participate in ‘riskier’ activities, or they choose to write and unleash their flood of mostly rebellious thoughts into this wonderful place called the internet. And now we have Medium to harbor us.

I write, sketch, create. I explore, love and laugh. I live, thrive, and restore. So I can find the strength to continue…to fulfill my other shift, my duty, and my unwavering love and dedication for my daughter.

Don’t we all use this time…the non-working ones, the delinquents, or as they call us… the ‘desperate housewives ’? I think most of us do.

I have a dysfunctional marriage, it's been pretty much a disaster for half of a decade now, click the link if you want to know more.



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