Quest for home

Are you there yet?

Wistful writer
2 min readFeb 19


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We hustle every day.

You…me, everyone around us.
Take a pause and have a look around you.

Everyone is always going somewhere, doing something, striving to achieve something…solve something, or get something.

It’s neverending…this hustle.

Ever wondered why?

I have realized lately, it’s all for one thing.

To go HOME.

To rest.
To lay our heads down.
To feel known, loved, and accepted.
To someone who makes a house a home.

The very fortunate few have both these things in the same place…the someone and the house.

I thought I had it too, but life has taught me otherwise.

Those who know me already know I’ve been hustling hard…to get home.

I worry that maybe all of us are so focused on the fucking destination that we are missing out on the beauty of this journey

This journey of life...

No matter what it looks like, a struggle, a tragedy, a heartbreak, an unrequited love story, a hustle to make a home with someone, or a hustle to get out of the wrong house — a house that is no longer home.

I suggest we take a breath…a pause, to breathe and take in wherever we are in our journey of life.

Maybe HOME is in the journey, maybe HOME is this path we are on…to get to wherever we think we are going. Maybe HOME is in our heads…

Life takes you on unexpected paths and sometimes makes paths easier than expected…or harder. But we keep going.
Where do we get the strength? From love.

They say…HOME is where your HEART is.
……………then my home is scattered, some in large chunks…some in little fragments.
HOME is where there are people I love, and where I am loved.

I have loved and lost.
I have loved and been hurt.



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